Summertime production



Intensive working session at the workshop in Madrid preparing new pieces for the upcoming shows at MAC in Santiago de Chile and Tokyo Wonder Site in Japan. Pisco and Sake!

Paraisos de la Memoria (excerpt)

Atlas. Lecture at Medialab Prado. Madrid


I will be lecturing invited by the Universidad Javeriana de Bogotá at Medialab Prado as part of their summer European program at Medialab Prado in Madrid. When Tuesday July 8th. 12.00.

New work coming soon. Paraisos de la Memoria


Now I am back to Mexico DF, and thanks to the 30 supporters who bought a copy of the photo of my project ‘Paraisos de la memoria’ I am filming back the entire project on abandoned cinemas in DF. Now I will be able to show the project in Madrid in July. Really happy about it.  Stay tuned for more news about this adventure.

TalkShow#09 at la Fabrica. Madrid


Talkshow is a series of lectures curated by Machines Desirantes Buró and hosted by La Fabrica. I have been invited to participate in this series. My talk ‘Processes and failures’ will be Thursday May 29th. 20.00. Calle Alameda 9. Madrid.

Folio #044. Mexico



The new issue of Folio design Mag has been published in Mexico, and really happy to be the cover of this magazine #044 :) More info here

Doméstico Extraordinario. Workshop. ETSAS.


I will be directing the workshop ‘Doméstico Extraordinario’ at ETSAS Seville during May 12th/13th trying to document the space of the university introducing fiction and simple narrative tools to create new extraordinary visions of boring spaces.

Paraisos de la Memoria

Exhibition at Talcual Gallery. Mexico DF





‘Waiting Room’. TalCual Gallery. Mexico DF


New Project ‘Waiting Room/Sala de Espera’ for TalCual Gallery, Mexico DF
Opening April 25th 6:30pm
25.04.2014 - 23.08.2014

This work surrounds the limit given on a structure in order to expose the possibility implied in a process, suggesting to the spectator a pile of opportunities as lines of flight to be actualized by imagined paths. “Waiting Room” poses an unstable instant in time, that represents a passage and the emergence of possible futures without necessary becoming. The object shown as an intermediary state cannot deliver a static resolution, otherwise remain as an index of what might be, of what might happen